In next article we will tell you the true story of CH Jeep ROM, many people have Jeep dogs but not much of them know how the things were happened actually. We will show and tell the history and the truth of what exactly happened. Jeep rates as one of the top sires of Champion dogs all over the world. CH  Jeep vs.  CH Homer  match is told by many as one of the best and most exiting game in pit bull game. This story is dedicated to all people who keep this bloodline in there dogs and kennels. Only the true .

Here is record of all matches trough his carrier:

Pylant’s CH Kato at 43 pounds in :28 mins

Cooper’s Wennie at 43 pounds in :58 mins

Stinson&Stepp’s Black Dog at 42 pounds in 2:05 hours

O.Steven’s CH Homer at 43 pounds in 3:45 hours

CH Jeep Rom was born in August 1976 and passed away on October of 1989. Jeep was sired by CH dog called Finley’s Bo . He quit vs. Vindicator. In modern world a dg off a cur would never be bred. Here we will explain a little more about CH Bo. His opponent – Vindicator was GR CH Zebo brother and a bad bad ass dog in all aspects. Bo stood the line. Mother was the most famous bitch in modern history- CH Honeybunch Rom.

CH Jeep was known as a dog with no great strengths and not great weakness. During his carrier super bad ass dog called Chavis’s Jocko wanted him, but that match never exists.

Jeep was bred by James Crenshaw and Maurice Carver  and age of 2 years was sold to James Garett .

His last and most legendary match  was vs O.Stevens’s CH Homer Rom. CH Homer, the most famous bulldog in that time in USA, possess devastating mouth and no one in the country want to go against him. Jeep won in 3:45 hours this Titans fight. After that match CH Jeep was retired and start his breeding carrier, the result of that is legendary litters and many titled dogs and great producers. Here we will show just some part of Jeep’s offspring such as Garett/White’s Tab Rom, White’s Tabby Girl Rom, Garett’s Floyd 2w Rom, Garett’s CH Tramp Rom, Garett’s Rocky Rom, Long’s Werdo Rom and many many more .

CH Jeep Rom is considered as founder of worldwide working line of gamedog breed dogs. Some of best crosses are Jeep/Red Boy,  Jeep/Red Boy/Jocko,   Jeep/ Rascal, Jeep/Red Boy/Rascal. We use these combination in our Black Sea Kennel yard  and improving them every single day .